5 Easy Ways – How To Make Money From Amazon

5 Easy Ways - How To Make Money From Amazon

Making money from Amazon has become one of the most sought after topics recently. Everyone knows about Amazon, and there’s a high probability that you have bought something from Amazon as well.

With the Internet users’ exponential growth, so does Amazon’s sale. And this is why more and more people are jumping in this boat and are trying to make money there. It is very legitimate to build a new income stream from Amazon; it is a real business where Amazon provides you the platform. There are many ways how you can make money from Amazon, here are some of the most popular ones…

1. Become the Amazon Affiliate

You don’t need to have your products to start. You can start making your first sale by becoming Amazon’s affiliate and sell the thousands of products listed there.

So how do you do this? The most straightforward approach would be selling related products from Amazon in your websites like your blog or even a Facebook fan page. Creating a blog is easy, and everyone can do it. All you need to do then is to recommend products from Amazon that is related to your niche topic.

Besides using a blog, you can also build a niche site and sell the products through reviews. A lot of people are using this technique to build an amazing income from the comfort of their homes.

2. Publish an eBook on Amazon

If you can write well, you may want to make money through publishing an eBook on Amazon. You can register your eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing and get it publish all within 48 hours. And within this short period, your eBook will be placed in front of the Kindle store in Amazon worldwide.

The old generation of book publishing through proper publishers will be soon outdated. Right now, anyone can publish any eBooks that they want. They can write a ‘How To’ guide or they can write a children story book and sell it on Amazon.

Another big plus is that when you publish your work with Amazon Kindle, you get to keep the publishing rights, and you are in full control of the price.

3. Get Paid for Your Work via Mechanical Turk

What if you are not good in writing? Don’t worry; there is another way to build your business through Amazon. It is called the Amazon Mechanical Turk. This is where you can sell your services or online tasks for money.

Some of the tasks are like describing an image in 10 words, give a quick and short product review, and translate a paragraph. The pay may be small but giving enough time it will accumulate and able to give a decent income.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is good as in doing the online tasks, and usually, it can be done within a minute. You can fully utilize your free time with it.

4. Sell Your Own Handmade Products

Apart from all the above, there is another great way to make a living from Amazon, which is to sell your homemade products. You may not be a great writer, or you may not want to spend your time to earn some change with Mechanical Turk, you can choose to sell your handmade wares with Amazon Handmade.

You can find a lot of handmade products there such as home décor, artwork, bedding, jewelry, stationery, necklace, furniture, lightings and many more. For a percentage of referral fees, you can start to list your handmade products for Amazon’s audience.

You don’t have to worry about production capabilities as you will be given up to 30 days of production time. You just need to use your creativity or hard work to make money here.

5. Be a Seller in Amazon

Last but not least, this is where a lot of people have been making money through Amazon, becoming a third-party seller. You may find out that while Amazon sells a lot of things, but most of the products do not belong to Amazon, they belong to the third party seller.

Of course, to be an Amazon third party seller, you need to have something to sell. If you have your own brand products, that will be a good start. However, if you do not have any product, you can always get the product from elsewhere to sell, like wholesaling from China.

Amazon will charge you a fee and a percentage as a referral from 8% to 15% per item sold. You may think that the referral fee is high, but think about having your products listed in the platform where you can reach millions of Amazon’s worldwide audience.

There are many ways to make money with Amazon. All you need to do is to get started. Pick the most suitable method and choose your niche market and then just start selling.

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